Rubber granulate: The basis for something new


Granulate 2.0 - 3.5 mm.

An important characteristic of rubber is that it limits the physical effects of a fall. During play, it can happen that children fall and get hurt. Playground floors laid with rubber granulate from Granuflex reduces injuries compared to harder surfaces such as gravel or concrete. A playground floor made of rubber granulate is also more hygienic in comparison to sand, gravel or wood chips. It is easier to clean and problems with hidden dirt are prevented. Playgrounds and athletics tracks are often laid out seamlessly. The rubber granulate is mixed with the polyurethane binder and installed on site. The top layer is often made of an alternative material that is available in different colors. In addition to fall protection, rubber granulate also has strong resilience. It is important that athletes are assured of a stable, resilient surface (elastic layer) that meets the sport-technical characteristics. The damping foundation contributes to a low load on the joints. You are assured of this with Granuflex rubber granules. This gradation is also used as the basic material for rubber tiles and various rubber products.

Installation and maintenance

Depending on application, more information available upon request.

The benefits at a glance:

• Shock-absorbing
• Weather and wind resistant
• Long lifespan
• Environmentally friendly

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Technical data

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