Granuflex: Safety tiles


Safety tile 500x500x55mm.

Of course, a good appearance is important for safety tiles. But the inside is just as important. Safety above all! Granuflex safety tiles tiles have been specially developed for the professional market and meet the strictest quality standards. HIC values (shock absorption according to EN1177: 2008) are guaranteed per thickness. The environment cannot be damaged by the safety tiles either. These have been extensively tested and do not harm the environment. As a installer, you can go in any direction with the safety tiles, because Granuflex supplies the products with and without mortise and tenon joints.

Installation and maintenance

Installation of Granuflex safety tiles is very easy. (contact us for the installation instructions) The safety tiles can be used indoors and outdoors. Cleaning of the tiles can be done with a brush and water with a neutral cleaning agent

The advantages at a glance:

• Tiles without pin / hole in colors: black, red, grey and green
• Tiles with pin / hole in colors: black, red, grey and green
• Anti-slip, even on wet surfaces
• Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
• 100% recyclable

Product photo (s)

Technical data

Article number: 223ROO055AA050XX
Dimensions (lxwx thickness): 500x500x55 mm
HIC value / fall height: 1.6 m
Size tolerance length: +/- 1.5%
Size tolerance thickness: +/- 8%
Weight: 8.5 kg / m 2
Weight tolerance: - 5% / + 8%
Type of top: Flat
Bottom type: Studs
Pin / hole connection: No
TÜV: EN1177-2008
Fire behavior EN13501-1: E
Warranty period: 3 years


Granuflex © rubber tiles meet the requirements of the Reach regulation EU 1907/2006. Do not use this product according to entry 50 Annex XVII of the Reach regulation in situations where frequent skin or mouth contact is possible or as a surface on which children regularly play.